Sustainability Accelerator Workshop

Advanced Training Workshop on the AtKisson VISIS ACCELERATOR TOOLS, one of the world’s most effective, comprehensive toolkits for doing Strategic Sustainability and Sustainable Development.

DATE: 26 August - 1 September 2017

LOCATION: Kul Kul Farm, Bali, Indonesia

WORKSHOP FEE: 2,100-2,750 US$

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You will spend 5 engaging days and 6 nights immersed in the topic of sustainability at Kul Kul Farm (KKF) at Green School Bali. KKF is a permaculture farm tucked away in the beautiful tropical Ayung river valley in Bali. This charming site was carefully selected to enhance your learning experience. You will learn about sustainability in a cozy and intimate sustainable learning environment.

If you think sustainability is good for business and our common future, and you’re looking for ways to incorporate it into your lifestyle and your organization’s strategy, operations, and innovation, this advanced training workshop is essential for you.

The workshop has been designed based on the practical question “How do we build and implement an effective, integrated and sustainable CSR and/or Sustainability Program in our organization?” To help you answer this question, you will learn about and gain practical hands-on experience with a set of highly effective and proven tools, methods and strategies (the VISIS Accelerator Toolkit) for mainstreaming CSR and sustainability practice into your organization’s core operations and management strategy, whether you are a company, an NGO, an educational institution, municipality or small local government.


  • - VISIS Accelerator Toolkit as applied to: stakeholder engagement and management.
  • - The Business Case for Sustainability Management.
  • - The leading Sustainability Frameworks, including GRI, ISO 260000, Global Compact, etc.
  • - Challenges and barriers to fully integrating CSR and sustainability into your business       
  •   strategy/model.
  • - Creating integrated sustainability indicator frameworks and indices.
  • - Applied Systems Thinking to identify systemic relationships between indicators and Leverage Points
  •   for intervention.
  • - Innovation development and strategic innovation diffusion.
  • - Becoming an effective change agent leader and how to motivate others to be change agents.

Workshop Lead Facilitator:
Robert Steele is founder/director of Systainability Asia, a regional Sustainability Consulting and Training firm based in Bangkok, ThailandRobert is also one of the AtKisson Group’s most experienced Senior Associates and trainers, having conducted over 60 workshops using the VISIS Accelerator tools with clients from a diverse range of sectors. His expertise lies in the areas of stakeholder engagement, education for sustainable development, CSR/sustainability indicator development, systems thinking, innovation diffusion, organizational sustainability assessment and strategic planning.

Workshop Co-facilitator:
Dennis Walker is founder/director of Kayonan, an Asia-based Sustainability Consulting and Training company. He is an AtKisson Associate and for the past 3 years he has been working in the Green School Bali community on a number of John Hardy’s initiatives and enterprises. Dennis has been facilitating Accelerator Workshops since becoming an AtKisson Associate in 2014.

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